SYMPHONY Meeting Centers

Since 1989, Symphony Meeting Centers have offered corporate and professional clients a higher standard of meeting rooms, training rooms, and temporary offices as a cost effective alternative to dedicated conference center or hotel space.

Symphony Meeting Centers are designed for critical presentations and meetings where image and quality count. Here there is no boasting about square footage or enormous numbers of people at capacity. Instead, Symphony Meeting Centers are about first class facilities; personal service, and attention to detail. At this boutique meeting center, only a few external meetings are hosted daily, assuring your meeting of close attention with management always at hand. The Symphony Meeting Centers will appeal most to demanding clients requiring the very best market image for their business.

The Symphony Meeting Centers environment is similar to a five-star hotel. The physical facilities include fine wood paneling, handmade furnishings, original artwork, fresh flowers, marble floors, and leather seating. Meeting support services include a concierge on each floor, extensive A/V equipment with technical support, facilities support, business center, and on-site management. An exceptionally wide range of quality catering services served on fine custom china are offered for all size meetings.

Symphony Meeting Centers are suitable for a variety of applications from single meetings to temporary office and project team accommodations. At the Morristown, New Jersey Symphony Meeting Center, a complete selection of purpose-built meeting and office facilities is available ranging from individual day offices to presentation rooms seating up to 40 people. This Center is conveniently located in the heart of the Morris County transportation hub, with extensive accommodation and amenity choices.

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Conference Rooms Conference Rooms

Symphony Conference Rooms offer true first class conference facilities for meetings from 2 to 14 people. The environment includes fine cherry furnishings, plush leather seating, soundproofing, premium coffee service, and more.

Training Rooms Training Rooms

Symphony Training Rooms are designed from the ground up as dedicated training facilities. Seating is available in 4 configurations with capacity at the optimal 24 participants. Full services include A/V equipment, setup, catering, and more.

Project Team Rooms Project and Team Offices

Symphony Project and Team space offers a unique facility designed for businesses and professionals needing fully equipped short term office space and team rooms for specific projects or trials of limited duration.

Presentation Rooms Presentation Rooms

With seating for up to 40 people, Symphony Presentation Rooms offer ideal meeting facilities for new product introductions, focus groups, sales presentations, and staff training all in a business center environment.

Day Offices Day Offices

Ideal for road warriors and SOHO businesses, Symphony Day Offices provide a fully equipped temporary office to meet important clients in a first class office environment or just a quiet workstation for focused work.